Handmade Tablet Case Tutorial

I got a new Lenovo Yoga Tablet last week and decided to make a quilted case for it.


Looked through Pinterest for inspiration and found a good pattern. I didn’t quite like the tablet patterns existing in the market and decided to just wing it. Turned out pretty good don’t you think 🙂

Here is how I went about making the tablet case:

First I measured my tablet. It is an 8″ Lenovo Yoga Tablet with a battery cylinder and kickstand on the side and measured about 8.5″x6″. I added about 2.5″ for ease and seam allowance to get a final measurement of 11″x8.5″. Then I derived the other measurements namely the pouch and the flap measurements from this.

Materials Required:

Fabrics: 3 fat quarters of quilting weight cotton or cotton poplin.


Magnetic snaps
Cotton batting
Heavyweight interfacing
Matching thread

Cutting Instructions:

From exterior fabric (pink floral) cut:
One 11″x12″
One 11″x6.5″

From lining fabric (black stars) cut:
One 11″x12″
One 11″x8.5″
One 11″x6.5″

From accent fabric (pink) cut:
One 11″x8.5″

Cotton batting pieces:
One 10.5″x11.5″
One 10.5″x8″
One 10.5″x6″

Two 11″x12″
Two 11″x8.5″
Two 11″x6.5″

Phew!! That’s a lot of cutting!!!


After cutting fuse the interfacing pieces to all the cut fabric pieces by ironing the shiny side of the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.

Sew one 11″x6.5″ piece of exterior fabric with one 11″x6.5″ lining fabric piece right sides together along one 11″ side with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance by cutting with a zigzag scissor. Repeat with the 11″x8.5″ accent fabric piece and the 11″x8.5″ lining fabric.


Turn both the sewn pieces so that the wrong sides are together and iron. At this point attach the female magnetic snap about 1″ below the sewn end and in the centre of the 11″x6.5″ exterior fabric piece making sure that the wrong side of the snap is in between the exterior fabric and the lining fabric. I forgot to add the snap at this stage and had to rip open my quilted stitches to attach the snap.


Now place the 10.5″x8″ and 10.5″x6″ batting pieces between the respective sewn pieces like a sandwich. Sew the sandwich in a grid pattern or use any decorative quilting stitch to sew the two fabrics and batting together.


I just stitched them using straight lines which were about an inch apart.


Now place the 11″x12″ piece of batting on the wrong side of the 11″x12″ lining fabric piece and quilt both in the same manner to attach the batting to the lining fabric. As an alternative method you can use fusible foam instead of batting. Attach the male part of the magnetic snap to the lining fabric about 1.5″ from the top edge and in the centre of the 11″ side.

Now place the 11″x8.5″ quilted accent fabric piece on the 11″x12″ quilted lining piece aligning the bottom edges and sew along the sides to attach both. Then place the 11″x6.5″ quilted exterior fabric piece on top of the 11″x8.5″ piece aligning the bottom edges and sew along the sides and the bottom edges.


I added the magnetic snap to the lining fabric after this step and hence it is not seen in the pic above. Now place the 11″x12″ exterior fabric piece right sides together on top of this sewn piece and pin or keep in place using binding clips.


I placed two pins to indicate my sewing start and end positions. Sew along the edges slowly using a long stitch length from one pin to the other leaving a big gap to turn the case. Backstitch at both the ends. Trim the seam allowance all around and cut the edges to reduce bulk. Then turn the case through the opening slowly. Top stitch all along the edges to seal the opening and the tablet case is ready!!

Please note that I am an not a professional pattern maker. I just do this for fun. You may find a mistake or two in my instructions of the case. My hope is that if you are making this, hopefully you aren’t too new to sewing and you’ve probably made a bag or two and should be able to make any adjustments needed along the way. 

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