Berry Bubble Shorts & Hummingbird Dress

Well I’m back to sewing after a really long break! The first project I tried was the Berry Bubble Shorts by Mummykins and me.  It goes from a size newborn to 12 years. I made a size 4.

I’ve had this pattern for quite some time now and a was a little hesitant to try it as it was an intermediate sewing pattern. Well the Mummykins team conducted a sew_along recently on FB and I thought it was a good opportunity to sew up these shorts.

There are about ten pieces to cut and it took some time for me to get everything cut and ready. The instructions are really good and the pattern was easy to follow. It took me about 6 hours from start to finish as it was the first time I was making such a pattern and I wanted the stitching to be neat and perfect as well. The next time will be faster I hope. I’ll probably try production style sewing and hope I don’t get all the pattern pieces mixed up.

Please excuse the horrible night time pictures. Well now that the shorts was done it needed a cute matching top. I was looking for a simple and sweet pattern that would go well with the shorts and so I decided to try the Hummingbird Dress pattern by Rabbit Rabbit Creations. Yes I’ve had this pattern for sometime as well. Hmm I’ve got lots of patterns still to try. This was a very quick sew and was very easy.

I followed the alternate method for sewing the back and added elastic after attaching the skirt. Found a couple of tutorials in the files section of the Rabbit Rabbit group on FB. I mashed both the tutorials and figured out a way to use the skirt from the original pattern. Will post a detailed alternate way for sewing the hummingbird dress another day.

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