Princesses, Dinosaurs and a Crocodile

When you have two cute little niece’s who think you are their super talented sewing fairy godmother who can make anything with her magical sewing machine you have to put on your creative cape and churn out their wishes! Thank the sewing gods for Pinterest!!

Owl Softie testing project completed just before the nieces’ visit which has been in their loving care since then!

While the princessy elder one dreams of a magical cot for her to sleep in with cloud pillows, moon and star softies and star buntings, the more adventurous little one demands for a dinosaur pillow and a crocodile! Well I did make the cloud pillows and the softies and the bunting and I even tried making the dinosaur pillow but the crocodile.. well we’ll call it a work in progress for now!

For lack of a better image, this works for now!

Does it look like a dinosaur?? Maybe if you tilt your head a little??!!! No?? Well that was the best I could do in the limited time that was available.. but the little one liked it! Phew!

As for the other pillows and stuff in the magical cot, I’m still waiting on the pictures my sister has seriously promised me she’ll send, a year ago..

Seen in action: Cloud pillow, cot cover and scrap quilt!

Meanwhile a couple of shooting stars were seen shooting off of the milky-way magical cot or should I say been lovingly yanked out of the bunting by the cheeky little one.. cos she loves a star or two for herself when she is not dreaming of dinosaurs!

She’ll send them some day.. I hope! ;P And when they do arrive this post will be updated!

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