Unisex Sling Backpack

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A client of mine always brings me challenging projects. This time she wanted a double zippered sling backpack with lots of pockets, using tarp fabric. She sent in lots of pictures of the ones she found online.

I started looking at available patterns for such a backpack hoping to modify it rather than start from scratch! The closest one I found was the Slingshot bag by Studio Kat Designs. However, the Slingshot pattern is only available as a paper pattern and has to be shipped over to India. Not very convenient in terms of shipping cost and the high exchange rates!

So decided to wing it.. I had to make a prototype and make sure my pattern works before I tackle the difficult to sew tarp fabric. Denim was my fabric of choice for the exterior and a heavy cotton for the lining. Best part about choosing such fabrics is that you can avoid interfacing which made the sampling experience more enjoyable!

Denim turned out to be a good choice and worked well for this design. Hubby loves it and has been using it ever since.

Here’s the final sling backpack made using the tarp fabric, cotton canvas lining and leather accents 🙂

The client had one main request: pockets! She wanted lots of pockets because you can never have too many pockets right?!!

Here are some details of the Sling Backpack:


* Front drop-down flap secured with a release buckle

* A zippered front pocket for loose change

* 2 zippered compartments for secure storage and sized perfectly to fit an 8″ tablet. Also perfect for keys, sunglasses, phone, makeup & MORE!

* A zippered back pocket for securely storing important documents, passports, travel documents and the like!

*Interchangeable strap!


* The drop down flap opens to reveal a small space for storing items that you need quick access to like metro cards, pens, notepad, etc. It also has a mesh pocket for storing receipts, etc.

* The first zippered compartment has a small zipper pocket, slip pockets for phone and charger with a snap tab to hold the charger wire in place. There is also a snap tab for holding your keys and two more slip pockets for headphones, etc.. you could also store your sunglasses, a small notepad, etc. in here.

* The second zipper compartment is roomier and has two small zipper pockets. There is a large slip pocket and two smaller slip pockets.. this zipper compartment is large enough to carry an 8″ tablet, a wallet, make-up items, etc.. can also hold a half litre water bottle..

Works as a BackPack, a ChestPack or as a Shoulder bag!

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