Wayfarer Sling Backpack – PDF Sewing Pattern

Pattern Details:

Shop: https://www.aquaintstitch.com/shop/

The Wayfarer Sling Backpack is a sleek and functional everyday carry sling backpack. It’s repositionable cross-body strap design makes it easy to sling the backpack from the back to front or carry as a shoulder bag while allowing quick access to all compartments. The Wayfarer Sling Backpack has no exposed raw edges and does not use bias tape.

The pattern includes 33 pages of concise step-by-step instructions with colour photographs to help you through each step. Pattern also comprises printable pattern pieces. All pattern pieces include seam allowance.

Instructions are provided to make the backpack in two styles:

Style 1: A simple backpack with a single zippered compartment; and
Style 2: An advanced backpack with a double zippered compartment.

Finished Size:
Style 1: 8” W x 17” H x 2.50” D
Style 2: 8” W x 17” H x 3.25” D


  • Zipper pocket on the front flap
  • 1 or 2 main zipper compartments based on style of backpack
  • Zippered back pocket
  • Interior zipper pockets
  • Miscellaneous interior pockets
  • Adjustable strap

The main zipper compartments contain interior zippers and storage slots to organise basic everyday essentials and the front flap pocket is perfect for storing quick-access items. The back pocket can function as a concealed carry pocket to keep your wallet safe and reachable while traveling.


* The drop down flap opens to reveal a small space for storing items that you need quick access to like metro cards, pens, notepad, etc. It also has a mesh pocket for storing receipts, etc.

* The first zippered compartment has a zipper pocket, a mobile pocket that can accommodate a 6″ smartphone and headphones, etc. You could also store your sunglasses, a small notepad, etc., in here.

* The second zipper compartment is roomier and has one zipper pocket. There is a large gadget pocket and a card slot pocket as well. This zipper compartment is large enough to carry an 8″ tablet, a wallet, personal care items, etc. It can also hold a half litre water bottle.

Skill Level:
Style 1: Intermediate
Style 2: Advanced

Basic Skills Needed:

  • Basic sewing skills
  • Familiarity with sewing patterns.
  • Sewing curved seams
  • Installing a zipper
  • Determine Interfacing requirements

Materials Required:

  • 1 yard of decor weight exterior fabric
  • 2 yards of lining fabric
  • 5” x 10” piece of leather/vinyl/cork for accent piece
  • 3 yards of fusible medium weight woven interfacing*
  • ¾ yard of foam/fusible fleece interfacing (optional)
  • One 10” long all-purpose zipper for exterior back
  • One 7.5” long all-purpose zipper for exterior front flap
  • Three 1” D-rings
  • One 1” swivel clasp for strap
  • One 1” tri-glide slider
  • One 1” wide side release buckle
  • 1¼ yard of 1” wide nylon webbing/strapping

Style 1:

  • One 7.5” long nylon zipper for bag interior
  • One 16.5” long all-purpose zipper for bag compartment

Style 2:

  • Two 7.5” long nylon zippers for bag interior
  • Two 16.5” long all-purpose zippers for bag compartments

Measurements are approximate and don’t account for directional or fussy cutting.

Feel free to make and sell your Wayfarer Sling Backpacks. Credit for the same is appreciated.

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