Cassia Satchel – Detailed Overview


The Cassia Satchel sewing pattern is finally ready! I’ve been working on this pattern since a few months trying to perfect it, trying out different gusset shapes and sizes and figuring out all sorts of pocket designs to make this a well organized grab and go bag!

Fabric Recommendations:

The Cassia Satchel has a lot of options and instructions are provided to make this pattern using different types of fabrics including vinyl/leather and cork. You can totally change the look of the satchel based on the fabrics you choose. Choose a fabric with a pretty focal print for the front body or use some gorgeous embroidered panels. If you have an embroidery machine, then choose your favorite design and embroider it onto the front panel. Decorator weight fabrics, quilting weight cotton, cotton canvas, etc., are all recommended. Use interfacing that is suitable for the type of fabric you choose.

Make an all vinyl or leather or beautiful cork handbag. If you want to make it monochrome, then I would suggest using piping as it gives a definite shape and definition between the pieces. And yes!! piping instructions are included as well! You can use piping on the entire gusset as in the pattern or just along the curved side regions as in picture below.

If you love to quilt and would love to make a Chanel look-alike handbag, then follow the quilting instructions provided in the pattern. To help you choose a quilting design a variety of quilting designs are also available with the pattern. If you are a professional quilter, you can also do some free motion quilting that would make a totally unique and awesome satchel. Even pre-quilted fabrics work! Oh! the possibilities are endless!! 😀


The Cassia Satchel features a central zippered compartment which opens to a sizable interior and two large main zippered compartments on either side.

The Cassia Satchel also boasts a large back zipper pocket which can easily fit a small daily planner. The back pocket is constructed in a unique manner which is not very common in handbag patterns I have come across. If you are not comfortable with this option, you can choose to make the back zipper in a manner similar to the interior zippered pocket and add the zipper overlay provided for an awesome look!

One can never have too many pockets right!! So a lot of pocket options are provided in the pattern. However, you can choose to make only the ones you need or you can also choose to ignore this section of the pattern. The pleated slip pocket is perfect to hold your mobile phone and keep it protected. You can choose to add the top binding or leave it. But the binding adds a lovely pop of color to the pocket and more stability as well I think. Tips to prevent wear and tear are also included. Another simple slip pocket for pens and a small notebook is also included. As with the pleated slip pocket, the pen slip pocket also comes with a binding which is optional.

Another great pocket option is the card slot pocket. This pocket can hold a minimum of 4 cards and also has a two compartment slip pocket on the back. You can choose not to stitch the card slot pocket along the center to make a large slip pocket for bills as in the second picture below.

For keeping your money securely inside the handbag, there is a zippered pocket option provided. The interior zippered pocket has a vinyl overlay option which gives a designer handbag touch to your handbag.

The pattern has been written such that the pleated slip pocket goes inside the central zippered compartment along with the zippered pocket. The pen slip pocket goes inside one of the side zipper compartments and the card slot pocket inside the other side zipper compartment. You can choose to make them as per these instructions or interchange the pockets according to your liking.

The Cassia Satchel pattern also has two different strap options: normal straps and rolled handles. The rolled handles can be made using cording or tubing and the raw edges are finished using edge paint.

A detailed cutting chart is included in the pattern. The pattern also comprises printable pattern pieces. Rectangular pattern pieces are also included in the last few pages. You can choose to print the rectangular pattern pieces or just cut using the measurements in the cutting chart. All pattern pieces include seam allowance. Furthermore, labels are also provided for the pattern pieces for ease in managing all the cut out pieces.

If you are someone who likes to print out the whole pattern and feel that there are a lot of pages to print, then you can choose to print only the sections that you will be working on. To make the pattern in it’s simplest form you can avoid printing the following pages:

1. Piping and Quilting Instructions: Pages 17 to 19
2. Rolled Handles: Pages 25 to 26
3. Zipper Pockets:
Exterior Back Zipper: Pages 27 to 28
Lining Zipper: Pages Pages 29 to 30
4. Miscellaneous Pockets: Pages 31 to 35
5. Labels: Page 48
6. Rectangular Pattern Pieces: Pages 61 to 68

If you are a visual learner and would like to view a video of the making of the Cassia Satchel, Mae Ebsolo Zimmerman of Isabella Sparsh has one or two actually for you! She does a couple of things different from what is in the pattern instructions, however you get a good idea of how the pattern comes along! Happy Sewing!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Feel free to make and sell your Cassia Satchels. Credit for the same is appreciated.

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