Wayfarer Sling Backpack – Tester Pictures

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As you all know I’ve just recently released my first bag making sewing pattern ‘Wayfarer Sling Backpack” which is available for purchase via Payhip and through the shop link in this blog. This pattern release would not have been possible without my talented testing team. They have provided immense support to me in my pattern making journey!

Payhip only allows a limited number of pictures for every listing and I had a tough time choosing a few from all the wonderful tester pictures. I really appreciate all that they have done for me and so I had to create this post to showcase the awesome Wayfarer Sling Backpacks my testers have made!

Alana Hunter of Alana Jane Designs:

Alana says, “The pattern is well written with lots of photos to help you along the way 😊. It’s so easy to customize it to your own needs and style with lots of pocket options.” Alana used quilting weight cotton for the front panel and interfaced it with woven fuse to make this absolutely gorgeous Wayfarer backpack.

Maria Teresa Lucio of Teresa Lucio Designs:

Maria being a fabulous designer herself has been very supportive in perfecting the pattern design. Maria has re-purposed a beautiful denim dress to make this lovely Wayfarer! She used Decovil as interfacing. She says, “The pattern includes clear instructions step by step and lots of pockets which you can choose according to your needs”.

Katie Harris Mrochko of Pure Periwinkle:

Katie is an awesome bag maker and an excellent proofreader. Katie says, “I made the easier style 1 and it came together so nicely. I used light weight home decor fabric for the exterior and quilting cotton for the interior and faux leather for the accent. With tons of options for interior pockets you have the freedom keep it streamlined or jazz it up with lots of pockets.”

Cheryl Fetters Beason of Simply Cherabea:

Cheryl was one of the first testers to make the backpack. Cheryl says, “I made Option 1, and I love it!! I’ve carried it everyday since I made it!! I used a Bandanna for my front and back panels!!” Drooling over her Harley Davidson Wayfarer! Just Fab!

Amita Kalas Kalokhe of SeWonders:

Amita wanted to make the Wayfarer for herself and asked if she could deviate a little from the pattern and make a double strap. She did a marvelous job! Amita says, ” This well written pattern includes step by step clear instructions for two styles of Wayfarer. Also the pattern includes instructions to make numerous inside pockets from which you can choose to be made as per your own requirements .. I wanted to make this wayfarer for myself only …so made two shoulder straps so as to be carried as a backpack ..😎🤘🤘”

Trudy Lockhart:

Trudy made two absolutely amazing Wayfarer Backpacks. She also introduced a new technique of dressing up zippers which she learnt from a fellow sewist Chris Hawke. This technique adds a lovely pop of color to her zippers in her blue vinyl Wayfarer. Trudy says, “Did I say I loved it? So much, I made two!! For me, the best thing about this bag is there is no bias tape seams!”

You can join my Facebook group if you’d like to learn more about this technique: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aquaintstitch/

Mae Ebsolo Zimmerman of Isabella Sparsh:

Mae has made about 10 versions of the Wayfarer Sling Backpack already. She has posted videos of both styles of the backpack in her YouTube channel. She does a few things different from the actual pattern but you get a good idea of how the backpack comes together. She uses Vinyl and waxed canvas to make her beautiful Wayfarer backpacks.

Lori Peoples:

I was wondering what the Wayfarer would look like in cork fabric, which I haven’t been able to work with yet, when Lori sent me these lovely pictures of her Wayfarer. Lori says, “My bag is all cork outside with cotton lining, style 2. Best part is that when I showed someone my test they ordered one right away!”

Xandria Marie Speller of I Am Here Designs:

I love Xandria’s version of the Wayfarer with the cute kitties fabric! Xandria says, “This bag is small enough to be a great bag during a day outing without being too small. And its sized just right to fit my iPad, which I bring just about everywhere! I made mine from a Japanese cotton linen I’ve been hoarding for some time and upholstery vinyl”

Rita Scholz:

Rita another awesome pattern designer made both the styles of the Wayfarer. She used waxed canvas and leather for Style 2 and Vinyl for Style 1. Don’t they look fantastic?? Rita says, “It’s a perfect answer to one pattern that has 2 style options which can be made for everyone. Just choose your fabric, vinyl, canvas or leather and make it custom. Neepa put together a pattern with multiple pockets options to fit every need. All instructions are easy to read and understand with may instructional pictures.”

Robin R Whiting

Robin was also one of my testers who quickly whipped up the Wayfarer backpack. She uses such cute Disney fabric and her Wayfarer turned out so beautiful. Robin says, “This pattern is an awesome way to make a functional and fun backpack that you can customize to your specific carry needs. You can carry left or right sling with an adjustable strap as well as carry it on your shoulder. Neepa has thought of everything. She provides instructions for a phone pocket, credit card pocket, pen pocket, mesh pocket and so many zipper pockets. Make all or just what you need/want. This pattern is written well with easy to understand instructions and lots of pictures to help.”

Milou Timmer of Aemilia – Made by Milou:

Milou used a lovely floral upholstery fabric for her Wayfarer. She says, ” Looking for a new backpack for summer? Try the newest pattern from A Quaint Stitch Patterns, the Wayfarer backpack. This pattern has no exposed raw edges, has a multitude of pocket options (for your phone and tablets, but also several zippered pockets) and does not use bias tape.”

Marianne Seaman of Mercy’s Studio:

Marianne made three versions of the Wayfarer. She says, “The pattern is well organized and easy to understand. It is excellent! I love the new additions and the internal links to take you to sections. The photos and diagrams are most helpful. I was excited to make this and I have made three of them.”

Yolanda Davis of Three Wookies:

Yolanda says, “I’m loving the Wayfarer sling by A Quaint Stitch. It has so many sections and pockets you are bound to find a place to keep everything!”

Rashada Cherry of Lee Hill Designs:

Rashada says, “Both styles have options for pen, phone, mesh, zipper, mobile and padded gadget pockets. My Style 2 test bag has a denim exterior and quilting cotton interior and Style 1 has a metallic waxed linen exterior, waterproof interior and double pull zipper for the main compartment.”

4 thoughts on “Wayfarer Sling Backpack – Tester Pictures”

  1. Hey Marti! Thank you very much! I’m glad you like my pattern. Yes you are right.. Its a little difficult to add to the pattern that way.. you could try scaling the pattern while printing to about 110% or max 115%. Another option is to choose the poster option in the printer settings.. Since a few people have asked me about this I’m working on scaling the pattern and will be releasing an add on with the larger pattern pieces soon.


    1. I’m also thinking in making the pattern pieces bigger i would have to add another piece to the small zipper gusset area as the zippers typically don’t get bigger. So I think just adding a piece to the top of the small zipper gusset to connect along side the zipper might work. Thanks so much for replying.


      1. Yup! Just measure the width of the narrow gusset and cut out two strips, one from exterior and one from lining, that makes up for the difference. Sew them onto the zipper first just like the Top Zipper Panel. The zipper length will also change. You will have to measure the circumference of the Main Body Panel and calculate the length accordingly.
        Happy to help! 🙂


  2. This bag pattern is amazing! I just finished mine. Is it possible to make the bag bigger? I have a weird feeling that adding an inch to each piece and two to the zipper won’t do it. Any ideas would be appreciated.


    Liked by 1 person

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